About Me

I am a community activist with an addiction to blogging, coffee, and the San Fransisco 49’ers.  I am interested in healthcare, women’s history, feminism, crafts, and queers.

I was diagnosed with a Stage 3 brain tumor in 2012. The doctors told me I had five to seven years to live, but they also suggested that my brain tumor started developing when I was in high school. I graduated high school in 1998. It doesn’t take a PhD in mathematics to realize that a lot of the commercial healthcare industry involves guesswork. Standardized Western healthcare has its advantages, but they are not mutually exclusive of wholistic forms of healing, such as naturopathy and acupuncture.

I chose my last name long before my cancer dignosis. I don’t belong to anyone. I will never let my brain tumor control my life. In fact, my cancer diagnosis has been a gift. It has helped me focus on my priorities: family and community activism. My community involvement includes prochoice advocacy, sewing blankets for children in need, and spreading healing energy with everyone I meet.