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I was diagnosed with a brain tumor in February of 2012. The past three years have been interesting. I am an independent person. I chose the name “Freewomyn” on purpose. I love working with others, but I also enjoy working for myself. Research and writing are two of the skills that are a core part of my personality. I ventured out as a freelancer in 2007 because I wanted to have flexibility in what kind of clients I would like to work with, and I have never regretted that decision.

My brain tumor is located in my cerebral cortex, which is in the left frontal lobe of the brain. The cerebral cortex controls speech and reading comprehension.

Radiation treatment in 2012 caused some serious swelling in my brain. Brain swelling impeded my ability to communicate. I often lost track of what I was saying or stumbled around to find the words that I needed. I had to stop using public transportation because there were many times when I forgot where I was supposed to be going. I used to be an avid blogger and tweeter before my brain cancer diagnosis. I had to put that on pause until I regained my voice.

Some folks might view this as a negative situation. I don’t. I admit that I have been frustrated by some of my limitations. I took a break from being self-employed so that I could focus on healing. Now that I have regained my ability to communicate, I’m ready to revive my sense of independence.

This blog is big part of that declaration.

I will continue to provide website and social media tips on my blog, but I will be taking this blog a few steps forward by interviewing women about their own work. I hope that I will learn from their examples, and I also plan to share their advice with others.

Why limit the discussion to “women’s work?”

I will let people speak for themselves about what it means to them to be a “woman” and what “work” looks like to them. My goal is to get tips from other women business owners about how women can be successful. I want to share their experiences with others because I feel that we all have something to offer. I also plan to talk to stay-at-home parents, because this, too, is “women’s work.”

I hope you’ll join me on this journey.



  1. It’s wonderful you have your voice back! Yeah!

  2. Glad you are writing again Serena. welcome back to the game.


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