Clean Slate

The year is coming to an end, and what a year it’s been . . . for all of us. Trump has dominated the headlines, but I don’t want to talk about him. I want to talk about me. It’s my blog, after all.

I have had a good balance between positive and negative experiences in 2017. I went to Rochester, NY in January to attend the March for Women’s Lives with my brother and his daughters. I was so excited to see people coming together to celebrate the importance of women’s history and women’s leadership. The icing on the cake was watching my nieces making their own posters. They were eager to be a part of social justice activism. My heart melted when my oldest niece told me she was a feminist without any prompting from me.

My tumor is stable. I’m cutting my chemo treatments back to once a month. MRI’s will be quarterly, rather than every other month. I’ve graduated from speech therapy and have been enjoying the challenge of intense physical therapy to help me maintain my balance. My quilting skills have grown, thanks to volunteering with Project Linus Tucson. I get to drive once a week to run errands. These may sound like small victories, but it’s the little things that help us create and share positive energy. Just think of the atom. It’s miniscule, but it’s the basis of all life.

The universe threw a little hurdle at my partner and me in November when our landlords told us they were selling the house that we were living in. I had planned on making quilts for all of my nieces as a Christmas present. I have fabric and patterns for all of them. Moving put that goal on hold, but I’ll get those blankets finished for each of their birthdays. My partner and I are still settling into our new abode. I view this as an opportunity to start 2018 with a clean slate. We did Spring cleaning in November and can focus on moving forward now that our craft supplies have been reassessed and reorganized. It may sound trite, but I’m a person who loves to organize.

My primary goal for 2018 is to focus on my health. My physical therapist has been challenging me to work harder every day to keep improving my strength. Many of my friends and family are focusing on healthy eating, which is a good incentive for me to be more thoughtful about my own eating habits.

Thanks to all my friends and family for their prayers and thoughts. I look forward to spending 2018 with the people I love.





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