Face Masks are Fashionable

It’s official, y’all. Vogue has declared that face masks are not only necessary; they’re the latest fashion accessory. So have Marie Claire and Glamour. DIY online shops have been making/sharing masks since March 2020. To keep up with the trend, fashion designers, such as Gucci and Pradda, are gearing up to introduce face masks fashionable, and not just functional.

Believe it or not, this feminist LOVES fashion! When I got diagnosed with cancer in 2012, I didn’t lament losing my hair. I already had a large hat collection, and I was eager to widen my accessory options to include scarves. Why wouldn’t I go all out for face masks?

I am a longtime Project Runway enthusiast, and I hope Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum have designers from Making the Cut are encouraged to make COVID prevention fashionable. We’ll see when the fall lines hit the runway if high end designers take face masks to the next level.