Leave a Message

Texting and social media have become the communication methods most people prefer. It’s a fact, especially for people who have grown up with cell phones and internet access. This is fine for personal communication, but what about communicating on the professional level?

I have been an administrative assistant since I was in high school. My main task was, and still is, answering the phone and returning messages. You would think that’s an easy job, but it’s actually a challenge if callers don’t leave enough information. Here are a few easy tips to get a response.

1. Leave your full name.
It’s important to give your first and last name if you want a response, especially if you have a common name like Jane or Bob. If your name is unique (like mine is), speak clearly and spell your name.

2. Leave your phone number.
Please speak slowly when you give your phone number. Believe it or not, it takes time to write down a message.

3. Explain why you’re calling.
Are you a new client/customer? Do you need an appointment? Do you need a drug refilled? You’re more likely to get a quick response if the message is specific.

4. Repeat your name and phone number.
It’s irritating to listen to a message multiple times just to get the name and phone number of the caller. If you leave a message with the contact info at the beginning and end, you’re doing yourself (and the person you’re calling) a favor.

In sum: Keep your phone messages clear, specific, and helpful. That’s it.